@HannahEMoch and @SuckItSuicide chat with #SPSM about @SnapChat, 11/6/16, 9pCT

Hannah Moch and Katie Hardy return to #SPSM chat, 11/6/16, 9pCT to chat with us about engaging use of SnapChat.

SnapChat is a social media platform that many experts and advocates in suicide prevention say they struggle with. That’s no accident. Shapchat is, by design, a platform built with the interactions of young women in mind. It is intentionally a bit unclear. You have to have friends to show you how to use it, and to engage you with it. So, why learn to use it? Because it is designed for the very population that influences are langue and thoughts far into the future, and whose leading cause of death is suicide…That’s right, *young women*.

So, to help us out, SPSM is bringing you our Zen masters of the snap! Watch us LIVE here:



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@Beckycstone chats with #SPSM about @Centerstone’s #ZeroSuicide journey, 10/30/16, 8pCT

Becky Stoll chats with #SPSM about Centerstone’s #ZeroSuicide journey, 10/30/16 at 8pCT.

Of note, to highlight their commitment to #ZeroSuicide:

“Centerstone joined the Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care initiative in 2012 and is actively helping to lead pioneering efforts related to the cause on local, national and global fronts.

“The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention defines Zero Suicide as “a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems, and also a specific set of tools and strategies.” Its proposition is that suicide deaths among those under care are preventable, and that zero suicides should be the goal of health systems. Zero Suicide brings a systematic approach to suicide prevention while closing gaps in patient care.

“At Centerstone, in accordance with the Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care initiative, suicide prevention measures are “baked into” the roles of staff at all levels and across the continuum of care.”

SPSM will be chatting with Becky Stoll, leading this initiative, on 10/30/16.

Watch us LIVE here:


Becky Stoll, LCSW is responsible for the overall operation of Centerstone’s Crisis and Disaster Management services. Ms. Stoll graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a BS in Psychology. She received her Master’s in the Science of Social Work from the University of Tennessee in Nashville, Tennessee. Ms. Stoll is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of behavioral health experience. She is a recognized leader in the areas of crisis services, disaster mental health, and suicide prevention. She is a member of the National Action Alliance’s “Zero Suicides in Healthcare” Advisory Group as well as serving as a faculty and mentor. Ms. Stoll has provided training, consultation, and response nationally and internationally to aviation, banking, educational institutions, emergency response organizations, and professional sports. Ms. Stoll is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and a Diplomate of the American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress. She is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional.

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@KrysRoach chat with #SPSM on @Tumblr, and #IssueTime, 10/23/16, 9pCT

Krystal Roach joins SPSM to chat about Tumblr, 9pCT, 10/23/16 (that’s right, we’re bringing back the old time slot!). There is a huge space at the intersection of Tumblr, and mental health, and it’s time to talk about it.

And, in a true coincidence (because we scheduled this chat a long time before this came up), check out our SPSM alum as panelists on this week’s Tumblr “Post it Forward” “Issue Time” focusing on mental health! That goes live on 10/22/16. Our SPSM panelists will be responding to topics from Tumblr uses posted earlier in the week. This is the first Tumblr/SPSMer community collab. Relationships and social media skills can make effective messaging and social media content about mental health possible.

Watch us LIVE here:


Krystal Roach is a graduate student at University of Baltimore studying Industrial/Organizational psychology. Mental health advocate with interest and experience in mental illness stigma research.

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@QuirkyJenJames chats with #SPSM about @CrisisTextLine tech innovations, 8pCT, 10/16/16.

Jen James joins #SPSM, 8pCT, 10/16/16 to update us on tech innovations launched by Crisis Text Line, including updates in recruiting and training virtual volunteers.

Basically, they got new tech, and #SPSM was looking for a serious guest to keep @DocForeman and Bart Andrews in line.

Watch Jen James LIVE here:

Jen James before #SPSM:


Jen James *after* #SPSM:


Jen James is the Head of Crisis Counselors at Crisis Text Line. She keeps the CC’s happy and provides humor and support using Unicorns as her anchor, also is one of the original creators of the training program used by Crisis Text Line. She created the first chat and text program in Michigan before Crisis Text Line. Loves to wear funky glasses, and beat breast cancer. So yea, she’s pretty rad. When she isn’t engaged in relentless bad-assery, check out her street cred:

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications and Film from Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan

FACILITATE TRAININGS : Self-Harm Training; Crisis Chat and Text Specialist Training; Crisis Intervention Training; Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Training; Founding Crisis Text Line Trainer

CERTIFICATES: Trauma Informed Care Training; Trauma Informed for Homeless Training; Living Works-Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

CPR/FIRSTAID/AED: Critical Incident Stress Management: CPI-Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

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@DrMikeSevilla, and @ChrsMxwll join #SPSM panel: 2016, the Year of the Livestream. 8pCT, 10/2/16.

Dr. Mike Sevilla and Chris Maxwell join an SPSM panel to chat about the widespread adoption of livestreaming in health care and suicide prevention social media in 2016. What trends did we see, and where is livestreaming going next? Why should folks in suicide prevention care? Join us 8pCT, 10/2/16.

mike sevilla

Much like Jonathan Winters on Hollywood Squares Dr. Mike Sevilla is a regular guest and panelist on #SPSM, known for his expertise in health care social media, and artful dodging of DocForeman’s less savory commentary. *wink*


Chris Maxwell oversees the promotion and general use of the Network Resource Center, including the new social networking component. Using surveys and feedback from Lifeline crisis centers, he will seek to collect and share promising practices among the network. Chris facilitates open communications between the Lifeline network centers through dissemination of Lifeline blogs, webinars, and announcements.


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@DarcyCorbitt chats with #SPSM on #SocialMedia and #Suicide #Prevention research, 8pCT 10/9/16.

Darch Corbitt-Hall joins SPSM to chat about her research in suicide prevention and social media, 10/9/16, 8pCT. You can view content for her chat here (goes live on the 9th).

You can read her blog post on this topic here.


Darcy Jeda Corbitt-Hall is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at North Dakota State University and an award-winning transgender rights advocate based in Fargo, ND. She strives for a world where people can live fearlessly in their journey toward self-affirming discovery, and her story of the transformative power of boldly accepting personal identity has touched thousands of people. Prior to relocating to Fargo, Darcy was instrumental in adding gender identity/expression to Auburn University’s anti-discrimination policy, and she brought visibility to Alabama’s transgender community through a front page newspaper article on coming out as transgender on a conservative southern campus. In 2014, she was named youth activist of the year by Equality Alabama for her work on Auburn’s campus. Since arriving in North Dakota in August 2015, Darcy has continued her passionate work in communities throughout the state. In 2016, she was inducted into the NDSU Tapestry of Diverse Talents. She currently serves as the chairwoman of the NDSU Equity and Diversity Center Advisory Board and a member of the North Dakota Department of Human Services LGBTQ+ Advisory Board. She believes the single biggest threat to equality is fear, apathy, and misinformation about the issues and cultures of others. To reverse these trends she fearlessly embraces others and nonjudgmentally helps them to better understand their LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, finding her way into their hearts in the process.

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@Doc_Demers joins an all-star #SPSM panel to chat about tech integration in suicide prevention, 9/25/16, 8pCT.

Dr. Nathaan Demers joins DocForeman, Tony Wood, Dr. Bart Andrews, and Dr. Glen Coppersmith on a panel discussing the integration of technology, media and data science into suicide prevention, 9/25/16, 8pCT. Each panel member will pitch 1 question to the group on this topic, for live commentary from the panel, and audience.

You can learn more about Dr. Demers projects here or watch a neat video here.

Watch us LIVE here:

Demers Headshot.png

Nathaan Demers is a clinical psychologist and is the Director of Clinical Programs with Grit Digital Health, an organization that connects college students to online and campus resources to promote success and wellness, with a specific emphasis on mental health and suicide prevention. Nathaan has experience working in therapeutic boarding schools, with court mandated populations, on inpatient burn/neuro ICUs, as well as several college counseling centers. Nathaan completed a post-doctoral fellowship with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education – Mental Health Program, a nonprofit working to bring mental health services to rural and underserved areas in the Western 15 states and American Territories in the Pacific. Nathaan is a board member for the Colorado Psychological Association and serves on the Suicide Prevention Coalition – Primary Care Workgroup for the State of Colorado.

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