#SPSM chats about #Spotify and social music sharing for #suicide #prevention, 8/28/16, 9pCT

Join @DocForeman, Tony Wood (@Adwww), @BartAndrews, and @DeseraeStage as they chat about using social music sharing platforms, like http://www.spotify.com to help people connect about resilience and recovery, 8/28/16, 9pCT.

This was an idea shared with SPSMers at the American Association of Suicidology’s annual conference this year, and we thought it was great! The power of music, words, and other arts to help people connect and heal is real. Creating playlists and sharing is a great way to engage people, and was an idea initially brought up by youth as a way to engage people with content.

So, with that in mind, those of us from the mix tape and CD generation schooled ourselves at creating playlists, and made different kinds. @DocForeman picked a list of songs she uses to cope with feelings of discouragement and challenge, songs that fuel what her brother calls “relentless bad-assery.” Maybe the songs work for you. If so, listen and share. Maybe you have a different take on playlists. If so, try creating one and posting to the SPSM page.

Listen to an SPSM playlist here:

And, on 8/28/16, watch us LIVE here:

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@HannahEMoch of @AFSPNational chats with #SPSM about SoMe and #SPWK16, 9/4/16, 9pCT

Hannah Moch of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) chats with #SPSM, 9/4/16, 9pCT. What does AFSP have planned for Suicide Prevention Week (#SPWK16), and how can social media connect people affected by suicide, regardless of geographic location?  Chat with Hannah to learn more!

Learn more about Hannah’s connection to suicide prevention: https://afsp.org/in-pursuit-of-more-birthdays/Find out how you can be the voice to #StopSuicide during National Suicide Prevention Week with AFSP: https://afsp.org/nspw

Watch Moch LIVE here:

Hannah Moch

Hannah Moch is the Communications Coordinator at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, where she oversees the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts (all @afspnational), as well as the Lifesaver Blog. In 2014, she graduated from The New School with a BA in Culture and the Media. Hannah is passionate about seeing proper representation of the LGBTQ+ community and those living with mental health conditions in social and traditional media. She was born, raised and will forever remain in NYC.

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Dr. Chelesea @IndianaBooth chats with #SPSM about all things #data, 8/21/16, 9pCT. #HITsm #HCSM #bigdata #suicide


Dr. Chelsea Booth opens #SPSM Season Four to chat about all things data and suicide, 8/21/16, 9pCT. Ordinarily, SPSMers write the chat synopsis. But this time, we’re going to let Dr. Booth describe it in her own fabulous words:

“I’ll want to talk through the population level vs. system level data (and why that’s important for the field); each system (not in the order above, but probably wisqars, then wonder, then HCUP, then deaths in custody); Zero Suicide (how it’s responding to needs in the field that we learned about through data); data/information we hope to encourage ZS sites to collect. Why data are awesome. Why you (@DocForeman) and Bart are awesome. Renaissance costumes. World of Warcraft. Why KCMO is the best place on earth. What non data nerds should know about data and why it’s important for our work.”

Check out these links that she’ll be discussing:

o  http://www.zerosuicide.com/

o   http://www.ahrq.gov/research/data/hcup/index.html

o   http://wonder.cdc.gov/

o   https://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/

o   http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=19

Watch her stream LIVE here:

Chelsea Booth Photo 1

Chelsea L. Booth, Ph.D., is Manager of the Zero Suicide Institute at the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, EDC. Before joining EDC in May 2016, she was a Public Health Advisor (state team coordinator for the Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention grant program & suicide data lead) in the Suicide Prevention Branch, Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA. She received her doctorate in Anthropology from Rutgers University and joined the federal government in 2012 as a Presidential Management Fellow. As a PMF from 2012-2014, she was detailed to SAMHSA, NIMH, and the Immediate Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services working on various public health initiatives. She has also been a member of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Implementation Assessment Advisory Group and Research Prioritization Task Forces, both of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Her ethnographic research focused on language politics and lived-experience of government policy and constitutional law in India; she has also analyzed data for the Research Prioritization Task Force about conceptualizations of suicide and the goals of suicide research by four different stakeholder groups (survivors, researchers, providers, and policy-makers).


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@SocWorkPodcast and @Brian_L_Foreman chat about #suicide in #schools with #SPSMSummer 8pCT 7/17/16 #SPSM

This week it was announced that suicide is now the #1 cause of death for children in Utah.

Dr. Jonathan Singer, #SPSM Alum, and Brian Foreman, school administrator (and Mr. @DocForeman) chat about the role of schools in suicide prevention, during a very special #SPSMSummer.

Chat will be 8pCT, 7/17/16, and you can watching them stream live here:


Dr. Jonathan Singer’s book, covering this topic can be found here:


suicide schools


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#SPSM chats #SPSMSummer #movies, 6/19/16, 9pCT

#SPSM chats about our new community project: #SPSMSummer!

And, on our final chat of #SPSM Season 3, we’ll be discussing our Top Ten pick for movies about recovery (plus one bonus series).

But what do MOVIES have to do with social media and suicide prevention? And what is #SPSMSummer? Come blab with us!


A number of social platforms have emerged that let people watch streaming media together, but from different locations (e.g. https://rabb.it/). One lesson #SPSM has learned in the last year is that people who are passionate about suicide prevention enjoy using social media to stay connected. Last year we learned that our #SPSM-ers stayed in close contact throughout our summer and holiday chat programming hiatus. So, we’ll be ending this season by sharing our community’s nominated Top Ten recovery movies. Feel free to watch alone, or reach out to other #SPSM-ers to form watch parties during the hiatus! Discuss your thoughts, and tweet out to #SPSMSummer!

Top 10 #SPSMSummer Movie Picks

-Perks of Being a Wallflower
-Short Term 12
-Silver Linings Playbook
-Skeleton Twins
-Harold and Maude
-Office Space
-Little Miss Sunshine
-Girl, Interrupted
-Wrist Cutters
Bonus Netflix series: Maria Bamford’s “Lady Dynamite”

#SPSMSummer is the hashtag to follow during the regular chat hiatus. Several community members will be producing their own social media content and events using new platforms, new formats, and exploring topics that the community wants, but which have not been well-served by the standard #SPSM programming focus. Follow the hashtag, as well as the #SPSM FB page updates!

spsm summer

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@LifeWIREconect chats with #SPSM about monitoring data “fingerprints,” 6/12/16 9pCT

Howard Rosen returns to #SPSM to chat about updates to LifeWIRE, 6/12/16, 9pCT. LifeWIRE has expanded the functionality of service to incorporate more kinds of health data, and to adapt the way the data is analyzed, to that each individual’s data can be looked at in a more unique, and clinically actionable way. Check out their blog update here.

It may be changes in patterns of behavior, rather than a cumulative quantity of risk, that is more predictive of individual risk. Additionally changes to the product allow people to share and use their data in different ways. Howard Rosen will be discussing these updates on #SPSM, and specifically relating how these updates will enhance the therapeutic experience, and improve the recovery process.

Watch us stream live here:


Howard Rosen - Casual

Howard Rosen, MBA, D.Phil-c is CEO/Founder ofLifeWIRE® Corp. Howard developed the LifeWIRE patent pending population management communication platform to provide personalized, responsive interactions between parties such as health care providers and patients. A Schulich MBA with over two decades of experience in media and entertainment, Howard had a unique perspective from which to approach the issue of treatment adherence and patient engagement from which LifeWIRE evolved.

Howard is an mHealth thought leader having been named one of the top 100 Innovators of the Next Century (Rockefeller Foundation) and one of the Top 30 mHealth Innovators of by the mHealth Alliance (United Nations Foundation). Howard has written policy for the sector on behalf of the Province of Ontario, regularly represents the Government of Canada on the subject in international symposiums, is an industry reviewer for the U.S. department of Health and Human Services, has addressed the Congressional subcommittee’s on the subject and is a member of the working task force for mHIMSS as well as one of their conference speakers.

In addition, Howard speaks regularly at graduate schools at leading Universities and is presently a doctoral candidate at Oxford in communications and engagement.


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David Putrino @PutrinoLab chats with #SPSM about MindMe, 6/5/16, 9pCT.

David Putrino chats with #SPSM, 6/5/16, 9pCT about the development of the MindMe app, specifically developed to be an app to support the recovery of people with emotional pain and risk of suicide.

Putrino, and developers in his lab, have used social media in the design of the app, as well as social media as a way to broadcast information about the app, and to crowdfund app development and clinical trials.

Watch the #SPSM chat stream LIVE here:



David Putrino is a physical therapist with a PhD in Neuroscience. He has worked clinically in both private practice and hospital environments before moving to the United States to study computational neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He then accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at New York University, designing prostheses for Brain Machine Interface devices. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, and the Director of Telemedicine and Virtual Rehabilitation at Burke Medical Research Institute. In this position, He works to develop low-cost and accessible healthcare solutions for individuals in need of better healthcare accessibility, including a role as a site Principal Investigator for a multi-site, NIH-funded investigation of the role of telemedicine in the rehabilitation of sub-acute stroke survivors. He is the Chair of the Research Committee for the Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors (TIPS), a Westchester county initiative that provides telehealth monitoring up to 750 elderly individuals with chronic conditions. He consults for Red Bull High Performance, using state-of-the-art technology to monitor and enhance athlete performance. He is  also the “Chief Mad Scientist” (Chief Scientific Officer) of Not Impossible Labs, a group that crowd-sources accessible technological solutions for high-impact humanitarian problems.


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