SPSM Chat Mission: Timely and engaging expertise in Suicide Prevention Social Media. Generated and curated for professional and public use.

The SPSM Chat on twitter is targeted at mental health and communications professionals using social media to make suicide a “never” event. Using Twitter we generate, curate, and share the best information and innovations in SPSM. Join us starting August 11, 2013 on Sunday nights at 9pm CST, as we present topics and guest experts in this field. Can’t make it? We curate and distribute a blog chronicle of the evening’s tweets each week here at http://www.spsmchat.com. Convenient, shareable, searchable information in a rapidly changing area of expertise. Follow us on Twitter:


5 Responses to About

  1. Georgia says:

    Would love to see you expand your mission from simply preventing death by suicide to include healing from suicide attempts

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  3. I can’t find the follow button for this wordpress. The button simply doesn’t exist.

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