Gender, Sexuality, and Identities That Empower w/ Mariangela Abeo – #SPSM Chat May 10th, 2020

This week on #SPSM Chat co-hosts Rudy Caseres (@RudyCaseres), Carly Larson (@TheJuniorisHere) and Dr. Joel Schwartz (@JoelSchwartzPsyD) discuss the topic “Gender, Sexuality, and Identities That Empower” with guest Mariangela Abeo (@MariangelaAbeo), creator of Faces of Fortitude.

Watch as we discuss issues such as:

What are some links between gender exploration and/or sexuality self-identity distress and suicidal intensity?

What has been your personal experience with gender and/or sexuality exploration if any?

Why are the binary concepts of gender and sexuality harmful to society as a whole?

How can we as a society better support people who may be exploring their gender or coming into what their sexuality is?

Further Reading and Watching:

Faces of Fortitude

Celebrate the Survivor: Creating a Safe Space around Suicide | Mariangela Abeo | TEDxYoungstown

Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide Among Adolescents: A Look at Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Gender identity conversion linked to psychological distress, suicide attempts

Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in persons with gender dysphoria.

Teens who hide sexual orientation have higher suicide risk, study finds – NBC News

Teens who hide sexual orientation have higher suicide risk, study finds – NBC News

Mariangela Abeo (they/them) is a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Producer and Photographer + Creator of the Faces of Fortitude project; a movement in portraits that lays a foundation for healing for those affected by suicide by providing a safe, stigma-free space for mental health and suicide to be discussed. As a self trained photographer and producer, she currently presents Keynote and Signature Talks about a range of topics within the suicide and mental health arena, such as Safe Spaces for Celebrating Survivors, Words Policing around Trauma in Society, How Post Traumatic Growth Can Help You Find your Purpose, and The Power of Grass Roots Cross Narration, with accompanying pop-up image galleries. She has photographed over 160 Faces and counting, her images have been part of 3 art exhibits, and Faces of Fortitude has a rapidly growing social media fan base. A fine art book with poetry about depression and photographer’s notes is in the works and set to be published in late 2020.

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