Pain & Shame: The Suicidal Pro Wrestling Fan with JP Sarro and Jack Encarnacao of The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast – #SPSM Chat January 19th, 2020.

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This week on #SPSM Chat co-hosts Rudy Caseres (@RudyCaseres), Danielle Glick (@DanielleGlick), and Joelle Marie (@LazTheLazTheLaz) discuss the topic “Pain & Shame: The Suicidal Pro Wrestling Fan” with guests JP Sarro and Jack Encarnacao, co-hosts of The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast (@TheLapsedFan).

Watch as we discuss issues such as:

What are some attributes about pro wrestling that may help people struggling with suicidality?

What are some potential negatives about pro wrestling that may harm someone’s mental health?

How might participating in an online pro wrestling community help with social isolation?

What effects do pro wrestling suicides have on its fans?



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The Lapsed Fan co-chairmen bring a unique chemistry and perspective to discussion of the pro wrestling of lore, reviewing archived pay-per-views with a fresh set of eyes, and identifying just what it was that made wrestling better – or, often, worse – in years past. Consider it the definitive audio guide to the archived shows in your WWE Network. Or don’t, but be sure to listen for the spills and thrills.


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Suicide Prevention Social Media: Weekly chats, expert guests. Sundays at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Live-streaming at Watch past shows on our blog. Hosted by Rudy Caseres. #SPSM
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