Chrissie Hodges (@PureOChrissie) chats #OCD and #Suicide Risk with #SPSM. August 11th, 2019. 9pm ET.

SPSM 8-11-19 Announcement

This week on SPSM Chat co-hosts Rudy Caseres (@RudyCaseres), Marie Shanley (@mxiety), and Joelle Marie Nourse (@LazTheLazTheLaz) discuss Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and suicide risk with guest Chrissie Hodges (@PureOChrissie). Chrissie is one of the most fearless OCD advocates I know because she speaks publicly on some of the more extreme symptoms of “Pure O” OCD such as fear of being homosexual, transgender, a pedophile, and, yes, suicidal. Watch as we discuss how to combat misrepresentations of OCD in the media, why people who have OCD are at such a high risk for suicide, and how to best support someone who has OCD and has reached a crisis point.

You can learn more about Chrissie Hodges and her work at Her memoir PURE OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be purchased on Amazon here.


“Although 70% of the respondents chose medications combined with behavioral therapy as the most preferred mode of treatment, only 7.7% reported that they were proficient in exposure and response prevention.”
Chrissie Hodges Headshot

Chrissie Hodges

Chrissie Hodges is a mental health advocate and public speaker on obsessive-compulsive disorder, mental illness, and stigma reduction surrounding mental health. She is the author of ‘Pure OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’. Chrissie works with individuals providing peer support and consultations for referrals and resources for OCD treatment. She provides Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy coaching for individuals in treatment at Effective OCD Treatment. Chrissie sits on the Colorado Advisory Board for Mental Health Standards and Regulations. She is a commissioner on the Colorado Suicide Prevention Commission. Chrissie is an American Ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation based in the United Kingdom. She is a Crisis Intervention Team presenter for the Denver Sheriff Department. Chrissie was the recipient of the 2017 ‘Advocacy Hero Award’ by the International OCD Foundation.

Chrissie blogs at ‘Battling the OCD Demon’ and is a professional contributor for ‘Mental Health on The Mighty’. She is especially known for her brutally honest, yet entertaining YouTube vlogs about Pure OCD.

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