Suicide & Social Media: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Sunday, March 3rd, 9pm ET

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We are “on the road again” Sunday night, March 3rd, so rather than worry about hotel bandwith, we thought this was an appropriate time to pause the YouTube live streaming and revert back to the straightforward Twitter Chat mode.

The topic?

Suicide& Social Media (1)


Suicide & Social Media: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. It’s your turn to Tweet. What’s real? What’s not? What’s a hoax? What’s censorship? Where’s the research? What are the solutions to help clear the clutter & misinformation?

The phrase “moral panic” has repeatedly popped up across social media platforms in the last few weeks. How do we define that as it relates to social media and suicide? There has been heated debate about censorship versus self-expression (however disturbing). Can there not be comprise? Is there no middle ground?

In response to the chatter, AAS released a new tool:

Suicide and Social Media – A tipsheet for parents and providers

AAS also hosted a Facebook Live event:

“…talking about Instagram’s new self-injury and suicide policies, discussing what constitutes censorship, and whether or not we can effectively navigate moral panic to be successful at preventing suicide.

There were a number of articles written. Two examples:

The Daily Mail published Valerie Baumann’s:

Disturbing online world where vulnerable teens share distressing images that can encourage self-harm and suicide

(But does it encourage self-harm and suicide? Do we have the data?)

Julia Jacobs wrote in the New York Times:

Instagram Bans Graphic Images of Self-Harm After Teenager’s Suicide


And some feel, way too much media coverage that perpetuated what is a hoax, creating more panic. published E.J. Dickson’s: What Is the Momo Challenge?

Why parents are freaking out about this terrifying “game”

Wired published Emily Dreyfuss’ How not to fall for viral scares


And then, there was the YouTube cartoons concerns:

Brett Molina addressed the outrage in USA Today:

Mom calls out YouTube videos with hidden suicide plan for kids

And there were more articles, letters from schools to parents, news broadcasts, etc.

So, let’s chat – please share your comments, concerns, and suggested solutions. This is your forum.

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