#SPSM chats #13RW Season 2: Same #suicide scene, new #triggerwarning, new #toolkit. 5/20/18, 9pCT

As 13 Reasons Why launches season 2 (premiere was delayed, due to the most recent school shooting) the suicide prevention community launches a new toolkit and talking points. The series added trigger warnings and resources to each episode (great!) and also replayed the entire graphic suicide scene from season 1 (ugh).

When considered as a TV series, the reviews are rather pointed. According to Vanity Fair:

“As the second season careens toward a conclusion that was already heavily hinted at in the first season finale, it becomes increasingly clear that 13 Reasons Why isn’t about uncovering trauma, but perpetuating provocation. We knew, in all likelihood, that this would happen; so many breakout shows struggle to land their second seasons. But most of those shows aren’t about teen suicide and sexual assault—and while the second season of 13 Reasons Why swears it’s even more aware of its sensitive material, it’s also even more exploitative than the first.”

When we consider the suicide prevention community’s skill with engaging the national conversation connected to 13 Reasons Why, it appears we have leveled up. Last season’s release left us sorting an internal conflict. We want suicide, as a topic, engaged by the media, and at the same time, we don’t want this subject treated irresponsibly or, as Vanity Fair put it, “exploited.” It seems many organizations found their sea legs with 13RW this time around. Let’s talk about that, LIVE:


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