#SPSM chats about new strategies for conference #SocialMedia, 3/18/18, 9pCT

SPSM will be chatting about new strategies for conference social media, 3/18/18, 9pCT.

In 2011 @DocForeman and some #HCSM friends developed strategies for live tweeting at a health care conference, and engaging people with pictures, links to articles/references, speaker slides, and curating content from each session, for later engagement. This was very “forward” thinking in 2011, but it’s 2018 now. Social media has evolved, platforms have matured, and some, like Storify, are shutting down.

What are the core “functions” that conference social media serves, regardless of current use patterns?

  1. Engage your audience, both present at the conference, and stakeholders passionate about your conference subject matter from around the world.
  2. Enrich the subject matter content being presented with supplemental materials for people who want a deeper dive on the topic.
  3. Allow more intimate interaction among the audience and presenters.
  4. Capture this rich interaction and curate it for asynchronous viewing, and review by the social media team.
  5. Measure engagement to provide insight.
  6. Grow your conference brand and buzz.

As new Twitter robo-moderation algorithms have changed, we are finding this an increasingly difficult platform to use for “live tweeting/chatting.” Additionally the rise in livestreaming has moved emphasis away from capturing content in short texts, as we can now stream video from the whole event, and curate it on YouTube or other platforms.

So, what’s next? How will that impact #AAS18?

  1. More livestreaming and curation on YouTube.
  2. More “behind the scenes” livestream.
  3. A more “clever” use of Twitter for things such as polls.
  4. Development of a Twitch channel for hosting and broadcasting curated videos conference sessions.
  5. Using the Twitch channel to facilitate chats about streamed content.
  6. Using Twitch to measure analytics, and being prepared to understand and explain new numbers.
  7. Transitioning away from Storify. Wakelet may be a new tool for us to try.

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