#SPSM was going to chat about streaming on #Twitch, then we tried it… 3/11/18, 9pCT

#SPSM chats about our transition to Twitch this summer, and our snags along to road to adopting a new platform, 3/11/18, 9pCT. Why are we transitioning to Twitch? And what problems are popping up along the way? Join us to chat about this.

We realized it was time to reboot our chat (again) for several reasons. Storify is closing up shop in May (we’ve been users since their Beta days). Twitter has undergone a lot of changes, some of which will interfere with good live tweeting, for the foreseeable future, Hashtracking is an ongoing expense for us that is not funded, Twitter analytics aren’t what they used to be, and YouTube auto-moderation has been a bit *picante* for our chat in the last year or two…SPSM has been using a variety of social media platforms for some time. It makes sense for us to look at new ways of producing, consuming, and curating the media that support the suicide prevention community in rapid production and consumption of media about new and fast moving ideas.

So, why Twitch? Well, sort of for the same reasons we evolved from text based twitter chats to a livestream on YouTube. Because that is what is current, and SPSM aims to keep up with user trends, instead of attempting and recommending plaform adoptions just as they are aging out of use.

And we would have hosted a Twitch livestream and chat this week, if DocForeman could have figured it out…But never fear! We’ll use our “traditional” livestream set up as we discuss the new challenges and skills we are facing with a Twitch adoption.

Twitch vs. YouTube

‘Tubers moving to Twitch in 2018

How monetization strategies affect early adopters (and then the rest of us follow, featuring an example from Boogie2998)

Watch us LIVE here:



About spsmchat

weekly twitter chat and sometimes blog and video blog dedicated to the latest information about suicide prevention and social media (SPSM)
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