@KateNieder chats with #SPSM about #bots, #suicide, and #SXSW, 8/20/17, 9pCT


Hard to believe that #SPSMSummer is winding down, and SEASON FIVE is launching!

Dr. Kate Niederhoffer joins #SPSM, Sunday 8/20/17, 9pCT to chat about BOTS! Why are bots trending? How can they be responsibly used in suicide prevention? Should they be?

Dr. Niederhoffer also is joining forces with #SPSM alum Dr. Glen Coppersmith and Dr. Glen Moriarty for an #SXSW panel proposal on this topic. You can vote for “Robot Freud” here.

“Every night we dream and every day shit happens. We often want to discuss these things with people, but not always psychotherapists. Sometimes regular humans are best; text messaging and bots may be even better. But can we trust a machine to our mental health? This panel discusses the strengths and weaknesses of AI applied to previously human territory, the ethical conundrums and potential efficacy of a machine “knowing” when/how to help us with our mental health.”

Watch us LIVE here:

Check out Dr. Niederhoffer in action here:


Kate Niederhoffer, Ph.D., founder of Circadia Labs, co-founder of Sooth, and faculty at University of Texas, Austin has this to say about herself: Fluent in business and academic psychology; attempting to bridge the two worlds. I’m frustrated by the lack of awareness of hyper-relevant psychological research in business– beyond what’s on best seller lists. I’m passionate about generating more and deeper awareness of said relevant research (think: motivations, biases, perceptions in your customers’ behavior and usage) and deriving custom, action-oriented implications.

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