@MeredithGould chats with #SPSM about #suicide and #spirituality, 3/5/17, 9pCT.

Dr. Meredith Gould joins #SPSM to chat about the relationship between suicide and spirituality, 3/5/17, 9pCT.

SPSM has never shied away from controversial topics (this is a weekly chat about suicide, after all). We’ll be discussing how one’s spiritual orientation might impact one’s view of suicide, and perhaps even how one uses social media in the aftermath or an attempt or death.

Watch us LIVE here:


Meredith Gould, PhD is a sociologist, digital communications consultant, online community manager, and longtime spiritual seeker. She’s an award-winning author of eleven books, including Desperately Seeking Spirituality. An updated edition of Deliberate Acts of Kindness: A Guide to Service as a Spiritual Practice will be available mid-March 2017. Dr. Gould is internationally known for her passionate advocacy of using digital tools for ministry and to encourage practical spirituality in daily life. A Platinum Fellow of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network, she has also been involved with health, wellness, and healthcare education for decades. For more information visit: www.meredithgould.com.


About spsmchat

weekly twitter chat and sometimes blog and video blog dedicated to the latest information about suicide prevention and social media (SPSM)
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