#SPSM chats with Mike Anestis of @PsychBrownBag about the @AASuicidology Listserv, 9/11/16, 8pCT

Dr. Mike Anestis chats with #SPSM about moderating the Listserv for the American Association of Suiciodology, 9/11/16, at a special time, 8pCT!

For digital natives a Listserv is one of the forerunners of social media, as we experience it today. For AAS, the Listserv has been the community hang-out, and serving the function of connecting AAS members and others about important ideas in Suicidology. Much like #SPSM, it creates community and disseminates expert to expert information and ideas, and has generated important collaborations, such as the “Dangerous Words” project, featured on SPSM.

And if you ever wondered about the AAS Listserv rules, check them out here. Of course, a lot of those rules can be boiled down to Wheaton’s Law: Don’t Be a Dick.

And, because anything that involves self expression, suicide, rules, and guidelines has a lot of passion…a disclaimer. We are talking about a medium that does have house rules, and people may have opinions about those. Dr. Anestis did not write those rules, he’s simply serving as the Listserv moderator. If you want to talk with someone who has the power to consider your opinion and influence the rules, please approach people from the AAS Board.

Watch is LIVE here, where we PROMISED Dr. Anestis that we would NOT let the show turn into a “dumpster fire.” (Listen, he’s watched us live, and getting us to promise this makes total sense).

mike anestis

Dr. Mike Anestis is currently an assistant professor in the clinical psychology program in the Department of Psychology and the director of the Suicide and Emotion Dysregulation laboratory. His research and that of his students focuses primarily on what makes an individual vulnerable to thinking about and engaging in suicidal behavior. Our studies include work with undergraduates, community participants, and soldiers. Additionally, his research team focuses a substantial amount of their energy on the various ways that individuals regulate their emotions – how they identify them and either attempt to sustain or alter them.


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