#SPSM chats #SPSMSummer #movies, 6/19/16, 9pCT

#SPSM chats about our new community project: #SPSMSummer!

And, on our final chat of #SPSM Season 3, we’ll be discussing our Top Ten pick for movies about recovery (plus one bonus series).

But what do MOVIES have to do with social media and suicide prevention? And what is #SPSMSummer? Come blab with us!


A number of social platforms have emerged that let people watch streaming media together, but from different locations (e.g. https://rabb.it/). One lesson #SPSM has learned in the last year is that people who are passionate about suicide prevention enjoy using social media to stay connected. Last year we learned that our #SPSM-ers stayed in close contact throughout our summer and holiday chat programming hiatus. So, we’ll be ending this season by sharing our community’s nominated Top Ten recovery movies. Feel free to watch alone, or reach out to other #SPSM-ers to form watch parties during the hiatus! Discuss your thoughts, and tweet out to #SPSMSummer!

Top 10 #SPSMSummer Movie Picks

-Perks of Being a Wallflower
-Short Term 12
-Silver Linings Playbook
-Skeleton Twins
-Harold and Maude
-Office Space
-Little Miss Sunshine
-Girl, Interrupted
-Wrist Cutters
Bonus Netflix series: Maria Bamford’s “Lady Dynamite”

#SPSMSummer is the hashtag to follow during the regular chat hiatus. Several community members will be producing their own social media content and events using new platforms, new formats, and exploring topics that the community wants, but which have not been well-served by the standard #SPSM programming focus. Follow the hashtag, as well as the #SPSM FB page updates!

spsm summer

About spsmchat

weekly twitter chat and sometimes blog and video blog dedicated to the latest information about suicide prevention and social media (SPSM)
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