@DirectChangeCA chats with #SPSM about youth creating #suicide #prevention media, 5/29/16, 9pCT. #EachMindMatters

Stan Collins of the Directing Change Program and Student Film Contest, bring youth film teams to #SPSM to chat with us about their films, 5/29/16, 9pCT. SPSM will learn more about this program, and how it is supporting youth in creating their own mental health and suicide prevention messaging.

“The Directing Change Program & Film Contest is part of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement. The program offers young people the exciting opportunity to participate in the movement by creating 60-second films about suicide prevention and mental health that are used to support awareness, education and advocacy efforts on these topics. Learning objectives surrounding mental health and suicide prevention are integrated into the submission categories of the film contest, giving young people the opportunity to critically explore these topics. Program participants – whether they are making a film, acting as an adult advisor, or judging the films – are exposed to appropriate messaging about these topics, warning signs, how to appropriately respond to someone in distress, where to seek help, as well as how to stand up for others who are experiencing a mental health challenge. In addition, schools and organizations are offered free prevention programs and educational resources.”

SPSM will be featuring student filmmakers, and chatting with them about their mental health and suicide prevention media projects, and inviting our community to learn from them. You can watch the live stream here:

SPSM will be chatting with these gifted youth filmmakers about their projects:

“The Journey”
Marin County
Redwood High School
Student Names: Benedict Conran, Thomas Hayden Smeltzer, Asha Cummings and Dominique Cruz
Advisor Name: Peter Parish

“Leap of Faith”
Riverside County
Murrieta Valley High School
Student Names: Benjamin Finnie
Advisor Name: Ella Harrison




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Suicide Prevention Social Media: Weekly chats, expert guests. Sundays at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Live-streaming at Twitter.com/spsmchat. Watch past shows on our blog. Hosted by Rudy Caseres. #SPSM
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