@SuckItSuicide, Katie Hardy chats with #SPSM, 2/28/16, 9pCT

Katie Hardy, originator of the “Suck It Suicideprevention and loss support campaign chats with #SPSM, Sunday, 2/28/16, 9pCT. You can watch us streaming LIVE here:

Update: Here is the Storify Summary of the Chat.

Hardy is a tremendous force of good in her community. You can read the story of “Suck It Suicide” and “Six Feet Over” here as well.

Because of social media, people can develop and promote suicide prevention campaigns specific to their cultures/communities. “Suck It Suicide” is a great example of this.

Because of Hardy’s unique, and charming use of irreverence, this week we are including multiple headshots, as per her email: “I have attached multiple pictures of myself because I love my own face, almost as much as the smell of my own farts. It’s a pretty close race. Some might consider it the feud of my lifetime, kinda a big deal.”

Katie Hardy is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Six Feet Over (est. 2013), based out of the Detroit Metropolitan area, created to serve the survivors of suicide loss in her community with financial assistance for funerals, clean up and memorials after loss as well as provide outreach and resource information to her community. Six Feet Over, and its program Suck It! Suicide, are focused on helping all survivors, with a special interest in the non mainstream communities of the music, art and youth demographics. Katie is the survivor of 8 losses by suicide beginning with the loss of her mother in 2003. She found that support groups and functions catered to the norm of society and saw the need within her community for information, conversations and postvention after loss. Katie has spoken at and participated in facilitating many events including Survivors Day conferences, schools, community events, memorials, and told her story to both public and private companies providing a better understanding and more insight into the life of a survivor. Katie Hardy has been featured in several articles and blogs including Hour Detroit, The Oakland Press, BLocal Detroit, Hip In Detroit, mentions in The Metro Times, and the commentary in the podcast A History of the Ridiculous. Katie is also a recent addition to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Consumer/Survivor Subcommittee.

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