@AdamTopherHunt, of @TrevorProject, chats #SPSM, Sun 10/11/15, 9pCT. #ComingOutDay

Adam Hunt, from The Trevor Project, chats with #SPSM, Sunday 10/11/15, at 9pCT about how Trevor uses social media to prevent suicide and promote mental health for the LGBTQ community. Sunday also happens to be #ComingOutDay!

Watch us live, and join the twitter chat!

The Tweets for this chat will be archived on Storify.

adam hunt

Adam Hunt is the Crisis Services Coordinator for the Trevor Project where he oversees and facilitates the west coast Lifeline operations. While away from working to create supportive environments for queer youth, Adam may be busy eating Spanish cheese and reading contemporary American literature or contributing to the Huffington Post Gay Voices blogosphere. He is a costume-party enthusiast and considers himself to be somewhat of an authority on Harry Potter trivia. Adam is a fierce advocate for breaking down barriers for marginalized communities and having conversations that attempt to de-stigmatize mental health and suicide. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his partner Taylor. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-hunt/ Follow Adam on Twitter at @adamtopherhunt

About spsmchat

weekly twitter chat and sometimes blog and video blog dedicated to the latest information about suicide prevention and social media (SPSM)
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