Transgender Resources from Jan 11 2015 Show with Ry Testa PhD

Just in case you are looking for the resources from the show mentioned by Dr. Testa here they are!

The Basics to Speak Intelligently about Transgender People and the Issues they Face

GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide – Transgender

APA’s Answers the Questions about Transgender People

Dr. Testa’s Publications on Trans Suicide Risk and Resilience

Testa, R. J., & Hendricks, M. (2014). Suicide risk among transgender and gender nonconforming youth. In P. B. Goldblum, D. L. Espelage, J. Chu, & B. Bongar (Eds.), The Challenge of Youth Bullying and Suicide. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Hendricks, M. & Testa, R. J. (2012). Model for understanding risk and resiliency in transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 460-467.

Testa, R. J., Sciacca, L. M., Wang, F., Hendricks, M., Goldblum, P., Bradford, J., & Bongar, B. (2012). The effects of violence on transgender people. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 452-459.

Goldblum, P., Testa, R. J., Pflum, S., Hendricks, M., Bradford, J., & Bongar, B. (2012). In-school gender-based victimization and suicide attempts among transgender people. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 468-475.

Testa, R. J., Jimenez, C. L., & Rankin, S. (2014). Risk and resilience during transgender identity development: The effects of awareness of and engagement with other transgender people on affect. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 18(1), 34-56.

Dr. Testa’s Measure of Gender Minority Stress and Resilience

Testa, R. J., Habarth, J., Peta, J., & Balsam, K., & Bockting, W. (2014, December 29) Development of the Gender Minority Stress and Resilience Measure. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Advance online publication. (For a copy of this measure for clinical or research purposes, email Dr. Testa

Dr. Testa’s Recommendations for All


HRC’s Gender Expansive Youth Report, particularly page 21’s List of Additional Resources:

Beemyn, G., & Rankin, S. (2011). The Lives of Transgender People. New York: Columbia University Press.

Feinberg, L. (1996). Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman; [with a New Afterword]. Beacon Press.


Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Gender Odyssey

Resources for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People in Crisis or in Need of Help

The Trevor Project Hotline, Text, Chat, and Social Media Sites

Trans Lifeline

Resources for family members to promote acceptance

Family Acceptance Project

Protecting the Rights of Transgender Parents and their Children: A Guide for Parents and Lawyers

Trans Youth Family Allies

Resources for Media and Reporters

GLAAD’s Guide to Covering the Transgender Community

Resources for Schools

Gender Spectrum’s School Trainings

Welcoming Schools Project

Resources for Policy Makers

National Center for Transgender Equality

Transgender Law Center

Resources for Medical and Mental Health Providers

UCSF’s CoE for Transgender Health

World Professional Association for Transgender Health SoC

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