#Suicidology, #SocialMedia, and Future Directions: #SPSM chats 9pm CST 8/24/14.

The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) has a mission “to understand and prevent suicide.”

On our chat this Sunday, we will be discussing how social media can be used to support a major organization, such as AAS, in their mission. As engaging as social media can be, in the end it is just a means to an end. It is a highly diverse and adaptable tool, it’s true. But it takes insight to use social media strategically and skillfully.

For example, AAS pursues it’s mission “to understand and prevent suicide,” in the following ways:

•  Advancing Suicidology as a science: Encouraging, developing and disseminating scholarly work in Suicidology.
•  Encouraging the development and application of strategies that reduce the incidence and prevalence of suicidal behaviors.
•  Compiling, developing, evaluating, and disseminating accurate information about suicidal behaviors to the public.
•  Fostering of the highest possible quality of suicide prevention, intervention and postvention to the public.
•  Publicizing official AAS positions on issues of public policy relating to suicide.
•  Promoting research and training in Suicidology.

Our chat this week will be discussing how social media tools and strategies can be applied to a mission such as AAS. We will be crowdsourcing our community’s expertise and creativity in generating best practice when using social media to innovate in pursuit of this mission.

The Tweets for this chat will be archived on Storify.

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Suicide Prevention Social Media: Weekly chats, expert guests. Sundays at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Live-streaming at Twitter.com/spsmchat. Watch past shows on our blog. Hosted by Rudy Caseres. #SPSM
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