@Atoes84 chats with #SPSM about using SoMe to train crisis chat volunteers 5/11/14, 9m CST

Social media allows us to connect with almost anyone, almost any*where*. We have chatted on #SPSM about how social media removes geographic barriers in suicide prevention.

But, did you ever wonder about how that would change the way crisis workers respond, how those volunteers are trained, and *WHERE* they might be located?

Amelia Lehto Lovett will be joining #SPSM to chat about how technology and social media allow her organization, www.commongroundhelps.org to connect with and train crisis chat volunteers. She’ll discuss how crisis intervention work is innovating as our technology and media change.

The Tweets for this chat will be archived on Storify.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” – as said by Dr. Suess, in her children’s beloved favorite, The Lorax. Amelia Lehto has lived her life by this motto, both personally and, especially, professionally. Having experienced loss at a young age, Amelia learned that one is not defined by how they died, but by how they lived. It’s been her personal mission to make the lives of others better through a variety of ways, but ultimately through love, listening and laughter. Amelia is a Crisis Line Coordinator & Suicide Prevention Specialist at a Resource & Crisis Center in Oakland County, Michigan. In this role she coordinates survivors of suicide support services, she also provides suicide prevention/crisis intervention trainings in the public and private sectors in addition to supervising volunteers on the Resource & Crisis Helpline. You can find her quotable kids on Facebook: Mother of all Bacon. Twitter: @Atoes84


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